Childhood Memories

August 17, 2008

I picked up a copy of the Sunday Express magazine today and even though I’m not normally a fan of of newspapers, I casually read the magazine which comes with it, I wasn’t expecting to see anything of particular interest as such. But surprisingly there was something that did catch my eye, it was a column that is written by Mindy Hammond, Richard Hammond’s wife of Top Gear fame.

It was about how the youth of today use there ipods to listen to music, and how she bought one and never used it then she loaded some tracks on it.

And started to think about the best song ever as she remembers surprisingly enough it was a theme tune from a TV program, years ago called white horses this immediately struck a chord within me so magazine in hand I went to my PC to see which one’s I could find, I listen to the white horses theme and it had the same effect it made me cry all those wonderful memories of years gone by.

I would say by far it’s one the best Sundays I have had in a long time so what I thought I would do is compile my ones that I can remember here in this post. I do hope it strikes a chord with some people as it did me.

So first up white horses a lovely song.

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Robinson Crusoe


Casey Jones


Double Deckers


Banana Splits








The Virginian in memory of my late father


The High Chaparral


Champion The Wonder Horse


The Champions




Joe 90


Dr Who


Hawaii Five-0


Man About The House


Tales of the Unxepected


The A-Team


Knight Rider


Lost in Space


I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I did putting this post together.

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