My 10 Reasons For Feeling Happier

August 14, 2008


1. My life has started to change direction slightly

2. I now feel as though I am beginning to find myself whereas before I used to feel quite lost and didn’t know who I was.

3.Overall I feel more comfortable with who I am than I have done in a long time.

4. I seem to be putting my past behind me and not dwelling on it so much, because I felt I no longer need it what’s done is done.

5. I feel more motivated than I have done in a long time and I am becoming slowly more organised than I used to be.

6. My focus is a lot better than it used to be before so I am able to keep on track and not drift off course like I used to.

7. My general awareness is becoming more apparent, and I seem to be living more in the moment which is something that people who, practice meditation frequently do often experience.

8. I seem to be becoming more goal orientated, and wanting to achieve more than I used to be, at one time there was no inclination to want to set goals because I never thought I would be able to accomplish them.

9. I no longer tend to think, that being alone and not being in a relationship doesn’t make any of a lesser person.

10. I am beginning to realise that I do have potential and that he has been smothered by negative emotions and or energy, which was suppressing my ability to do things.

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