Do You Know Who You Are ? Part One

September 11, 2008

2724803933_3918fb683f[1]Getting to know your self better, I think one is of the main reasons that a lot of people have problems within their lives. It’s purely because they often act and behave not as themselves. Read more

My Life Part Three Leaving School

September 5, 2008

74497892-e7459c6f111So the time comes to leave school and see what is in the big wide world for me, the process when I was at school was you went to see a career adviser and tell them which career Read more

My Life Part Two School

August 19, 2008


So as I came up to the age of about 14, things weren’t progressing that well at the private school which, I was still at although. I can’t particularly remember the reason why I went downhill it’s still quite a mystery to me even now.

All my marks all across various subjects went way down so much so, that I had to take a letter home to my parents and contained within it was the headmaster saying that I would be required to leave because my grades were so low.

I can’t remember exactly how I felt at the time when I found this out. I think both my parents were devastated, because they were quite literally sacrificing a lot money wise in order to give me a good start in life, I must say now actually thinking about this at this point in time I do feel quite sad really.

Because I now know how much it meant to them in order for me to get a good education so I would have a good start in life, so I eventually left that school and went to another one which was a comprehensive school which was state run this school,wasn’t too far away from where we lived, I do have actually one memory of it before I started there.

I was coming home one day in my school uniform and I had to wear a cap, one of the pupils from this particular school decided for some reason that he would like to thump me rather hard in the stomach, which consequently winded me and left me out of breath.

So I started at the level of third year groups, which was how it worked at this particular school, where as in the previous school I went to things were completely different they didn’t have first second, third, fourth and fifth years.

One of the things about this particular school was, I did know quite a few of the pupils from it the main reason being I had joined the Cub Scouts quite a few years ago, and some of people that I met there went to this particular school.

Which in a way made it easy for me to integrate within it, otherwise if it hadn’t have been for that, then I probably wouldn’t have known anybody at all, it can be quite awkward when you first start somewhere and don’t know anybody.

You have always have that first-time awkwardness feeling, being the person that, I am tend to get that, first-time awkwardness feeling when it comes to meeting new groups of people in any particular situation no matter what it is.

So I start at the new school not knowing what to expect apart from the fact that it was a completely different school to my previous one, it quickly became apparent to me that the zero tolerance that we had in my previous school was nowhere to be found whatsoever at this school.

This led to lots of unruly the behaviour within classes, not all of the classes had this particular problem but when the pupils themselves knew, that the particular teacher was a pushover than they used to do whatever it is they wanted to.

So most of the time I would be in a class which was full of chaos and no organisation and people doing whatever they wanted to do, which made it extremely difficult to concentrate and get things done as you can probably imagine.

There were lots of times when all I used to do was just walk around talking to people, I can always remember doing this particular activity in woodwork, a friend of mine who used to do metalwork used to be in the next classroom, so I used to go and talk to him in order to pass the time of day.

I can honestly say now I don’t know what happened to me when I was at school but for some reason. I just lost all interest, and used to find it very difficult to motivate myself to do things at all, I just wasn’t interested, and being due to the fact that I didn’t particularly enjoyed being at that particular school.

The main reason for this being it had a rather large unruly West Indian, group of people whom used to go around bullying other people as well as myself, I can honestly say now thinking about it at this point in time I didn’t enjoy being at school one bit.

Most of the pupils who were there were either expelled or ones that had behaviour difficulties and no other school wanted them so they use to end up all there, I can remember one particular time when there was the argument between two pupils.

And there was some scuffle between them outside the classroom, the next minute one of the pupils was crying out in pain although at the time it wasn’t apparent as to why this was, however we did find out later that he had been stabbed by the other pupil with a knife.

And bearing in mind this was long time ago when this particular incident happened that is something that would be never tolerated at my old school at all, if that would have happened there I think he would have been expelled straight away.

In fact I seem to remember that some pupils at the other school the private one that is, sometimes were sent home for a period of about two weeks or a week in order to sort themselves out.

So they could think about what it is they had done, so I can honestly say that the environment that which I found myself at that particular school wasn’t a very good one at, there always seemed to be some sort of trouble happening there.

Needless to say when I eventually left that school and went to pick up my exam results, they were not very good at all in fact my heart sank when I saw them, I expected them to be far better than what they were.

But although saying that towards the end of my school years we had to do some projects, based around particular subjects which we were doing, say for biology, commerce, history and so forth, the problem was though that I had to do these particular projects at home. And for some particular reason I just couldn’t seem to motivate myself to give it my all.

So I just half-heartedly cobbled a few together and hoped for the best, maybe it was because I was at an age where I was very impressionable and didn’t particularly like who I was.

I was beginning to notice things about myself which I didn’t particularly feel comfortable with. I always seem to remember being teased about the size of my nose and coined the nickname concorner which was my second name with the first part of the Concorde tacked onto it.

In the next part of this school post I will talk about my first kiss with a girl about leaving school and some other things stay tuned.

My Life Part One School

August 10, 2008

SchoolWhen I was at school my parents wanted me to have a good education in order for me to have a better life later on, when you think back to being at school you don’t seem to realise that those years are very important ones.

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